The Changing Room 11 is commmitted to breaking the cycle of abuse and violence in our communities by helping survivors overcome their trauma and rebuild their lives through the transformative healing of art & Movement.

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Trauma generates trauma.
The Changing Room 11 believes through the healing of trauma, we can significantly reduce violence and abuse in our communities.


Our vision

A world where survivors are empowered to overcome their trauma, breaking the cycle of abuse and freeing society from generational violence.

our  Sponsors

Alejandro Santo Domingo

Agnes Gund

Federico Sada Gonzalez

James Robinson

Jacques + Samuel Azout

Matias C. Rivas

Peter J. Rizzi

Philip Mindlin

Maria Martinez

Roger Saint Laurent + Peter Taylor

Monica Voltolina

Mark Lee

John H. Flood III

Scott Muhlstein

our  corporate Sponsors

Colleen M. Meenan


James Monahan


Nick Swain


April Wilson

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