Purpose & Values 



Building on the experience and the successes of a range of methodologies in the field of trauma healing and with a focus on helping women to move from surviving into thriving, The Changing Room offers an integrated approach in which the women are the central figure


By collaborating with experienced professionals and integrating the therapeutic program in to existing nonprofit organizations throughout New York City, the Changing Room is enhancing the capacity and expanding the scope of programs currently offered to female victims of emotional/physical violence and sexual assault





We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.  

Selfless Service

We work with compassion to improve lives and are committed to a strong ethic of timely, reliable service. We strive to create an environment in which people feel heard, safe, respected and supported.

Wholesome Care

We aim to inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the whole person, respecting physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Continous Improvement

Thoughtful reflection, planning and evaluation are essential for meeting the changing needs of those we serve.  We work with enthusiasm and intellect, and are driven to surpass what has already been achieved. 


We value the contributions of all, blending the skills of staff and partners in unsurpassed collaboration.