The 11 Challenges

The 11 Challenges© is a platform of self-examination in an 11 week group setting with one introductory session, offering a step by step tool towards a deeper understanding of why being a victim of violence and abuse seems impossible to overcome in most cases and how we can come out of shame, taking back our power and live the lives we were meant to live.
The Program is offered in two 6 week modules to assure a participant does not feel overwhelmed by a 3 month commitment.


Do we have the willingness and desire to change the patterns and beliefs that we feel are limiting us?

My Guide: I can be curious about what is limiting me.



Can we hear the external and internal voices in our minds and begin to understand how they are defining us?

My Guide: I can witness the voices inside of me without judging or reacting to them.



Is it possible to realize that our fears of the unknown are often not real?

My Guide: I can ask for help when I am not sure if the fear I am feeling is real, or is holding me back from making more positive choices.



Can we observe the negative feelings we hold about ourselves and become open to releasing them?

My Guide: I never need to question the woman I am, no matter what has happened to me.



Can we envision a new self and life path that is not defined by our past?

My Guide: I do not need to be limited by my past experiences.



Can we welcome the capacity to make our own choices as we navigate the circumstances in our lives?

My Guide: I can choose how to respond to whatever arises.



Can we notice when we are disregarding our true emotions or desires?

My Guide: My feelings are valid. I can allow myself to feel and learn to understand what they are telling me.



Can we risk coming out of our inner isolation into vulnerability and resilience, reconnecting with our selves and others in new safe ways?

My Guide: I know that I need to feel safe to connect to another. I can decide when to be vulnerable.



Is it possible to discover a more peaceful, vibrant and joyful state of mind and body as we begin to accept our past and ourselves?

My Guide: Accepting myself and my past allows me to detach from it and mindfully move toward a brighter future.



Can we gather and allow support from the universe - nature, spirituality, or whatever feels right to us?

My Guide: I can hand over what troubles me to something greater than myself, letting go of things I cannot control.



After having done this thorough work with great care, can we practice bringing self-love, meeting our own needs, setting healthy boundaries and being mindful of protecting ourselves into our daily lives?

My Guide: Once I have really seen myself, I can love and accept myself for exactly who I am and who I am becoming. 

Our Process

Every week the group will address one Challenge with the tools of Creative Arts and Dance/Movement Therapies, accessing the very core of the trauma caused by violent and abusive experiences. One step at a time this helps restore each participant's sense of self on a deep level and rebuild resilience.