Through a holistic approach to healing the physical and emotional self, applying Creative Art- and Movement Therapies, The Changing Room 11 is committed to helping victims of violence, abuse and discrimination overcome their trauma — giving them an equal chance at a thriving life as their more fortunate fellows

The Changing Room 11 has developed a modular framework to heal the mind and body including:

The 11 Challenges, a step-by-step program designed as a platform for self-examination that leads to a deeper understanding of why being a victim of violence is so repetitive in nature

The Companion Network, a caring and compassionate system of mutual aid cultivated from within the group work encourages individuals who have already benefitted from the program to assist the newcomer

Dance + Movement Therapy, a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma that addresses the physiology as well as root causes of trauma symptoms

Creative Art-Therapy incorporated into the group treatment as a means to overcome denial and shame [widely recognized among dominant factors for revictimization] on the emotional, non-verbal level

Purpose & Values


Building on the experience and the successes of a range of methodologies in the field of trauma healing and with a focus on helping the individual to move from surviving to thriving, The Changing Room 11 offers an integrated approach in which the client is the central figure


By collaborating with experienced professionals and integrating the therapeutic program in to existing nonprofit organizations throughout New York City, the Changing Room 11 is enhancing the capacity and expanding the scope of programs currently offered to victims of emotional/physical violence and sexual assault