Founder, Executive Director

Practitioners / Therapists

Rebecca Pappa, LCAT, ATR-PR, Program Director

Mary Megan Howard, CAT-LP, ATR-PR

Juliana Trujillo, CAT-LP, ATR-PR

Tia Huston, R-DMT, MS, LCAT-LP

Emma Downing, R-DMT, MS, LCAT-LP

Nancy Herard-Marshal, MS, R-DMT, LCAT-LP





Teresita Diaz Bradley

Megan Hait                    

Farah Jashanmal

Pilar Verú                    

Heike Buelau                                                         



Colleen Meenan

Mona Martoken 

Orietta Cavagnaro



Strategic Consultant

Claire Schultz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Several years ago, Heike Buelau, Founder/Executive Director of The Changing Room 11 left a career in art/fashion and went on a very personal mission. She was intent on understanding why victims of physical/emotional violence and sexual assault get caught in a repetitive cycle of abuse. 'Why can't we  break that chain of repeat victimization?' she asked herself. 'And how was it that I finally became free?'
Upon some deep reflection it became very clear what it
was that had worked after endless years of trying: 
It had been a combination of peer connection, creativity
and most importantly working with the body, releasing the trauma trapped in the physical self.

After more than a year of in-depth research and countless hours forging relationships with a team of experienced clinicians, professionals, and advisors, Ms. Buleau identified a gap in services offered to women, youth and children in New York City. The Changing Room 11 was established with an operating model to break through treatment barriers using a holistic approach to the healing of trauma i.e. addressing the untapped parts affected by the individual [body and emotions]. The program provides important strategies and a range of tools, namely Creative Art and Dance/Movement Therapies, that prepare victims of trauma for a life in which revictimization will no longer be an unavoidable consequence of their past.