Within our framework of partnerships, we work with offenders.
We strongly believe that this is critical to strengthen communities and get to the core of gender-based violence, the wounded male who becomes the abuser. It greatly increases our possibilities for the success of preventing re-victimization.

The benefits of using Art Therapy in these cases include:

  1. Art as a means of nonverbal communication

  2. Pictures as a bridge between therapist and client

  3. Art as a means of self-expression and self-exploration

  4. Creating art can help people release and deal with feelings such as anger and aggression and explore the patterns of power and control

In contrast to the work with survivors where we center our attention around rebuilding safety and resilience, the focus with these individuals is on behavior modification.

We combine our art therapy work with the most effective evidence-based counseling approach to reduce further criminal behavior, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT can help restructure distorted thinking and perception, which in turn changes a person's behavior for the better.*

  *National Institute for Justice